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B11C13 Chaotic Astral Ocean Joins!

I’m not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this until 4 hours ago and fell asleep for 10 mins somewhere in the middle. Don’t know if I’m tired or if this chapter is just really boring. B11C13 Chaotic Astral Ocean … Continue reading

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B11C12 – Let the more violent come!

Sorry for the lateness. B11C12 – Let the more violent come! With loose immortals on one side and loose devils on the other, many masters all around watched him; Qin Yu was not a single bit worried. Instead, with a … Continue reading

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B11C11 Join Hands!

Thanks for all the support, you guys! This is my 2nd ever translation, with the first being C10, so please if there’s any mistakes or suggestions for improvement, tell me. I will try to start posting a new chapter every … Continue reading

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B11C10 Prevent me to Teleport!

  The purple flames continued to burn deeper and grow along with the heavenly flames. One shot of heavenly flames was enough to burn hundreds of meters. Before YinYue Palace was only burned tens of meters because Qin Yu had … Continue reading

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