Table of Content

Book 1- 10


Book 11 (Starts at C10, rest in the link above)

Ch10 – Prevent me to Teleport!

Ch11 – Join Hands!

Ch12 – Let the more violent come!

Ch13 – Chaotic Astral Ocean Joins!

Ch14 – Ascended Realm Emissary

Ch15 – Fang Tian and Zong Jue

Ch16 – Setting Foot On Qing Xu Mountain

Ch17 – Destruction of the Formation by Two Men

Ch18 – Location of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram

Ch19 – The Immortal Realm Emissary Descends

Ch20 – Rich and Overbearing

Ch21 – 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman

Ch22 – Two Sword Immortals Meet!

Ch23 – Blood Devil

Ch24 – A Piece of Information

Ch25 – Man Qian

Ch26 – The Superior Divine Beast with the Strongest Combat Strength

Ch27 – Arrival of the Heavenly Tribulation

Ch28 – 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation


91 Responses to Table of Content

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 30 and 31 can be found on wuciwug world


  2. deleted says:

    I meant wuxia world has links for all chapters till 31


  3. Severed says:

    know if this is still being translated??


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  5. Aziroff LO says:

    there is up to chapter 40…can you take from there pls?


  6. thunderhill says:

    woah, there is a bit everywhere. it’s like a wild goose chase. btw I’m doing chapters 49 and onwards, though I just started. would be nice if Aequitas would allow me to co-op with him


  7. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone doing book 12? Was wondering if there’s any collaboration going on between translators!


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